Fiam Automazione (founded in 1966 as Fiam, and then in 1988 as Fiam Automazione srl) specializes in the manufacture of interactive vendors and bulk vending machines. With 40 years of solid experience behind us, our company’s product line has an excellent reputation for longevity, durability and superior quality, combined with the latest styles and top design.

By providing the best quality products and service to our customers, we established ourselves as a leader in the industry, both in Italy and in the international market. More than half of our products are exported, reaching 35 countries across the globe, where discerning customers set the standard for the most advanced products on the market.

We produce an exclusive range of patented coin-op vending machines. All our vendors are especially designed to excite children’s curiosity. Made from carefully selected components, each machine is technically tested for its ability to endure any tampering and to resist wear and tear over time.

We offer as well a wide range of generic capsules, bouncing balls, candy and gumballs, at particularly convenient prices, thanks to the direct import of such products.

From 2002 to 2012 we had sole agency of Bandai products , machine and capsules, in Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Now, we are just selling Bandai vending machine (Gashapon) as Bandai withdrew from European capsule toys market.

In January 2012, we become Disney© licensee, carrying now a full range of accessories (bracelets, rings, necklaces, key chains) of Mickey Mouse Club House©, Disney Princess©, Cars 2©, Toy Story© etc.
We are also producing Disney flipper and Fantastic 2 Disney (3 versions), a branded Disney vending machines that will increase turnover and make the locations much more attractive.